Self Sabotage. Yikes!

Doesn’t sound so lighthearted does it? Yet somehow we manage to laugh at our own silliness and stupidity. Yeah we’ve let go of a LOT of baggage over the years. And we recognize that having our own backs might be the best love we can get. Self Love.  We also like changing our minds. And choosing, choosing, choosing. What’s yummy for you in this 10 seconds? You can change your mind in the next 10 seconds. And then are you really self sabotaging? Or are you self loving? 

As discussed on the episode:

The five lessons by Neville Goddard. 


“With the door of my senses closed, what do I take into that disciplined state? I take no one into that state but the parents of the child and my disciples. I close the door against the mocking, laughing crowd. I no longer look for confirmation. I completely deny the evidence of my senses, which mock my assumption and do not discuss with others whether my assumption is possible or not.”

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