Naked Profiles, Sex And Being Single

The wacky world of App dating and what is actually attractive. Do you like looking at men’s torsos? Meh . . . not us. And how about this whole phenomenon of singleness? Is it wrong? Do you feel wrong? Join us as we dive in and snigger at all that is out there in the dating world. After all, we know. We’re single too!
Learn more about the class: Single Is Not A Four Letter Word

Undeniably we live in a “couple” culture.

To show up single seems to announce that there might be something wrong with you. But what if there is nothing wrong? What if you could recognize that you might actually be choosing single right now? And if you chose to, you could choose something different? Sometimes acknowledging what we are doing or choosing gives us enough clarity to change it if we want to. Sometimes that acknowledgment gives us the freedom to embrace the choice that we’ve made and actually enjoy it.

Join Michelle and Michele on May 23, 2019 at 1:00pm PST for a lively discussion about being single and what it means or doesn’t mean. Opening up and being in this conversation may give you an opportunity to change your perspective. You may recognize all the ways you are choosing single. You may see that you actually enjoy it. You may see something that you know you could change in order to choose a partner. No matter what we uncover, just know that you are not wrong.

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