27459124_10156847737993538_437710831956560972_nMichele Brookhaus RSHom(NA), CCH is a classically trained homeopath in practice for 20 years. She has spent a life time learning to love her sensual body. She invites you to listen and love yours too. What does that mean? It’s different for everyone, but essentially it’s listening to the small whispers, the discomfort, the pain, and loving our bodies back to balance again. Need help? Check out Michele’s blog, her programs, her practice. And if you have questions, she’s happy to connect.  Learn more at yonibliss.com

IMG_4443Michelle Lyall, as an inspirational coach, mind/body intuitive and business visionary, she has an incredible capacity for seeing many different perspectives and opening up possibilities in this reality.  She bridges education with over 20 years of experience in experiential therapies and energetic modalities into a large toolbox where her facilitation and dedication to being the energy required in each session, goes beyond any point of view or limitation that may otherwise arise. For more information on sessions, classes or business consulting go to michellelyall.com