Love Taught By A Fern

I purchased a plant.  They say in AA, that if you think you are ready for a relationship purchase a plant, if you keep it alive for a year, get a dog. If the dog is happy in a year, then you may be ready for a relationship.

Well, I am not in AA nor do I consider myself an alcoholic, I am however considering adding a man to my life and I thought about this step from AA, I think about the dog thing more often, and that is a different story altogether.  Maybe even a better story about watering love, I will have to let you know if I do indeed choose to add a dog to my life.

Back to the plant, I purchased a fern, a tiny love fern.  I am often sappy about things concerning love and have in the back of my mind the funny love fern story from the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Yes! I am that sappy.  So here I am, at the beginning of the next year, living with a fern called love and wondering if I will indeed add a man to my life. So far the fern is doing well.

I know, you may be wondering, what does add a man to my life even mean.  Literally speaking, adding a man to my life is just that. I have a life already and the idea of sharing time with a man, well, I’d like it to be an addition to my life, not in lieu of or in completion to or to fill me, well, you get my point here.

Relationships are an interesting thing. Michele and I speak about them often on our podcast as it’s a topic in our world and more broadly, it is a topic that comes up most often with clients. We have created a pop up zoominar where we will be speaking more on this subject and you are invited to join in.

In the meantime, how are you watering your life?

XX-Michelle Lyall

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